Everything is under control

Whether you want to gain an overview of existing contracts with suppliers or customers, or automatically generate standardized contracts – proCONTRACTS from libracon helps you not even consistenly with your contact management, contract creation or termination, but also in the economic assessment of contracts. By pressing a button and clearly backed by graphics. With proCONTRACTS you have everything in view, you can view your contracts very comfortable at every time, assess them and change the processes.!

proCONTRACTS brings Freedom

  • Manage Contracts - Overview to the finest detaill!
  • Create Contracts - Automatisms save valuable time!
  • Observe notice periods - not wait a single day to long – save costs!
  • Visualize your Contract inventory- Transperancy at a glance.

forget about your Contracts belongs to the past

proCONTRACTS is a web based software based on Microsoft CRM to mange your contracts more efficiently. proCONTRACTS not only helps in the management and creation of contracts, proCONTRACTS also monitors all deadlines and Events. That makes proCONTRACTS a true team player. The system takes care of your contracts, reminds of contract terminations, Condition adjustments or deadlines for subsequent contracts. proCONTRACTS is a friendly controller, who will help to always keep everything under control, so that you can take care of more important things. Look forward to a team member, that keeps yours back free.

proCONTRACTS forgets nothing

Contract termination Deadlines, Condition adjustments, deadlines for subsequent contract, contract extension, etc.

Internal studies show: contract termination Deadlines, improper preparation of treaties and disregard of deadlines of subsequents contracts are the largest sources of mistakes and cost drivers in contract management. proCONTRACTS elimates these sources of mistakes.

Analyzing can be fun!

Profitability calculations and evaluations take time anre are complicated. But not if you do your contract management with proCONTRACTS from libracon. Because in addition to the intelligent on-board capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM like Reports and Dashboards as well as intelligent Queries and Views even PowerBI and other technologies are used. The system evaluates your contracts and gives you perfect graphically insights and overviews. You'll notice quickly, what is profitable and what is not. This gives you the ability to act consciously and to take care of your customers more intense who deservie it - Contract Management as it should be.

proCONTRACTS makes it easy

Analyses by areas, regions, profitability and contract types. - So you know where the costs and chances are and where investing more time is worth doing

proCONTRACTS from libracon has been developed from practice for practice. With the experience of many customer projects and references in almost all areas a tool was built towards the needs of controlling and contract management.